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Emerging triumphant from the rubble – Toronto flexes its fashion muscles with four successful fashion events

As we all know, Toronto Fashion Week slammed its doors shut and packed it things last summer. And, in the last six weeks, Toronto did not produce one fashion week. Let me clarify that, Toronto did not produce one OFFICIAL fashion week but managed to pull off four different events that gave Canadian designers a platform to walk the runway.

The official new Toronto Fashion week is not set to return until 2018, but the people have spoken, and Canadian fashion cannot wait. So instead of standing idly by waiting for the official event, the industry stood up and produced RE/SET, FashionCAN, TOM*TW, and the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Labels competition. All unique and successful events in their own way, and have boosted sales for Canadian brands.

Hold on to your wide brimmed hats, there seems to be an uprising.

Source: Upheaval after loss of Toronto Fashion Week | Toronto Star