A Little About Me…

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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am very excited to be able to meld the worlds of fashion and law and share it with you. I am a licensed attorney in Ontario, Canada and was interested in exploring the intersection of fashion law. So, I packed my bags and set off to the fashion centre of America; New York City. Here, I have been gaining greater exposure to the world of fashion and expanding my legal understanding of how the law affects fashion on an everyday basis. I am learning through the lens of a Canadian lawyer, so I am always drawing comparisons and enjoying the similarities. Between shopping sample sales and writing legal memoranda, I look forward to sharing all these stories with you.

Fashionist-eh! is examining the global fashion industry from a Canadian perspective. The site aims to evaluate the business of fashion and, where relevant, how it affects the Canadian fashion industry. Much of the content will be from the U.S. and Canada, however the site aims to cover wider ground. Some of the discussion will be from a legal comparative perspective, while the rest will be general commentary on what’s new in the industry.

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Enjoy, eh!


Image Courtesy of Holt Renfrew Canada Day Collage on Brands